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« on: May 04, 2017, 06:36:26 PM »
We have had many request to revisit this Historical pass of our regions History..

So Please Join Us for a Uniquely different type of Cruise and adventure.

As we journey back in time and visit the once Oyster Capital of the world right here in SJ. Were in it's peak approximately 80 box cars a day full of Oysters were transported to major US Cities.  <="That's a lot of Oysters"  asttound

 The prize of this venture will be the Tall Sailing Ship once used to harvest Oysters. "The A.J. MEERWALD"

 Our Tour Guide will be our own Paul Hettinger who's family once owned and operated a store front here on the docks..
This Cruise will be personally guided and narrated by Paul as he strolls us down Oyster Lane..

Lots to do and see
Time permitting.. For those that are hungry..  =hungry Afterwards we'll grab lunch at the Maurice Diner on Route 47

Date Sun May 21st...

Thats Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAYaaaaaaaaaaaa

 Departing from
 Acme Parking lot Rt 47 Clayton NJ
 Meeting Time 9:30
 Departure @ 9:30AM Sharp!

Designation Bivalve NJ

 Some info