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Club Cruise Guidelines
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:11:07 AM »
WE plan to have many Cool Cruises, and are asking for your help, ideas, and suggestions.  skid))

In an Attempt to Bring Back some Fun Cruises, I'd like to layout some Club Guidelines..

  • Your VW must be street legal, and safe
  • Your Participation in Cruises are solely voluntary 
  • In the event of questionable weather, "Thunder Storms, Rain, Snow, Ice, etc. It is your decision if you should drive your Classic car.
  • SJVWC is not responsible for your car or safety. It is the responsibility of the owners discretion.
  • Cruises are often Planned as scenic tours throughout our beautiful State. So Please Don't ask why we going this way, what roads we'll taking, there a surprise so that many will appreciate the roads seldomly traveled, etc.
  • Please Be Sure to Top off your Tank before departure.
  • All VW's are welcome, But the older and unique will lead the heard. Unless your the Cruise Captain who knows the route.
  • We ask that we as a club Cruise in a organized and Synchronized Club. Flowing seamlessly in continuous motion.   

 If you have any decent or Cool Cruise ideas, here's your chance to be a Cruise Captain "you even get to wear the Captains Hat. Please contact me..

 The above are intended as Guide Lines, and may change at anytime.
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