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Author Topic: Club Cruise Guidelines  (Read 22357 times)

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Club Cruise Guidelines
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:11:07 am »

WE plan to have many Cool Cruises, and are asking for your help, ideas, and suggestions.  skid))

In an Attempt to Bring Back some Fun Cruises, I'd like to layout some Club Guidelines..

  • Your VW must be street legal, and safe
  • Your Participation in Cruises are solely voluntary 
  • In the event of questionable weather, "Thunder Storms, Rain, Snow, Ice, etc. It is your decision if you should drive your Classic car.
  • SJVWC is not responsible for your car or safety. It is the responsibility of the owners discretion.
  • Cruises are often Planned as scenic tours throughout our beautiful State. So Please Don't ask why we going this way, what roads we'll taking, there a surprise so that many will appreciate the roads seldomly traveled, etc.
  • Please Be Sure to Top off your Tank before departure.
  • All VW's are welcome, But the older and unique will lead the heard. Unless your the Cruise Captain who knows the route.
  • We ask that we as a club Cruise in a organized and Synchronized Club. Flowing seamlessly in continuous motion.   

Please pay attention to the car behind you. If you notice that someone is having car issues or simply delayed at a redlight etc. Pull over to safe haven, this should start a reaction where the car in-front of that car ete, etc will see the delay and we'll remain intact as a group. Trust me this works!

 If you have any decent or Cool Cruise ideas, here's your chance to be a Cruise Captain "your even get to wear the Captains Hat. Please contact me..

 The above are intended as Guide Lines, and may change at anytime.
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Re: Club Cruise Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2020, 03:28:07 pm »

We've recently gotten back into driving in a caravan formation for some of our club events so I would just like to go over a few hints and pieces of advice on how to drive in a caravan. Have a read!
 1. The front lead car must adjust its speed at all times remembering that the rear may be a long way back.
 2. Do not pass others. Unless everyone around you knows your going to pass.
 3. Watch the lead car for lane changes and turns.
 5. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you but dont fall back!
 6. Flash your lights if you are having trouble.
 8. If someone cuts in, slow down but dont stop or do a brake check- slowing down will make them want to pass you.
 9. Stop at all yellow lights. Its not worth it.
 10.The lead vehicle should only pull out into traffic if there is enough for everyone to get out. If its not possible, the caravan should stay to the right at a slower speed to allow everyone to get on the road.
 11. When changing lanes- The lead vehicle should put on their signals first. That will allow all of the vehicles to put on their signals. When the LAST car signals, the last car will change lanes first and block the lane for the entire caravan.
 12. Communication between the front and the rear is most important. Walkie talkies or push to talk communication is best.
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