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Re: Air Raids!!
« Reply #15 on: March 03, 2019, 07:53:46 PM »
John pretty much nailed the description of an AirRaid, but some might be confusing that activity with Overhaulin?s

When I built my garage I wanted to share it with other members. At the time Wayne Moore (former member) needed a throw out bearing in his bus. I talked to him about what his bus actually needed and the lightbulb went off.

I instructed Wayne to get ALL of the parts that needed to be changed on his bus, which he did. I also told him he needed to feed everyone.

We then scheduled a date. On the day of what ended up being Overhaulin 1, Wayne and a bunch of people showed up at 0800  More than 20 club members in 2 shifts (some the whole time) pulled his motor, resealed it and the trans, replaced brakes on all 4 corners and a ton of other stuff.

At 6 PM Wayne drove home in a mechanically rebuilt bus.

So from that time on the rules were set for Overhaulin?s
They?re done at my garage, because I have an over abundance of tools and supplies.
You must have ALL the parts necessary to do the job. We do them on Saturdays in case there?s a catastrophe and we still have Sunday to finish.
You have to feed the crew... Breakfast and Lunch
And you must have participated in 2 Overhaulin?s to schedule your own

If something breaks on your way home you agree NOT to hold anyone (club included) responsible, regardless of what happens. This is the reason there is always somebody who knows what they?re doing (a pro or former pro) overseeing the operation. Letting 20 people work on your car is a leap of faith.

Here?s my original thought. The average VW owner works on their car alone 1 night a week after work (3 hours) and 1 day a weekend (8 hours) 2 weekends a month. That?s about 28 hours a month and that?s generous.

When 15 people work on your vehicle for 10 hours that?s 150 man-hours. In one day we can advance a project 6 months to a year.

AirRaids were a spin-off from Overhaulin?s. People have cars in their garage that have been sitting and not advanced for what ever reason for months or even years OR they don?t have the skills to do the job but want to learn. Smaller jobs, to just helping to get things going. You still must have the parts, and supply breakfast and lunch (if it runs past noon) but it happens at your garage. We are loose and fast with the participation requirements, but technically you need 2 (as Yucell pointed out the reasons)

Richards car came in and after that first weekend, we realized it was going to be a full restoration. It took longer than we thought but it was a great platform to learn on and many,many members came and worked on Richards car. That project is done and it?s beautiful. We all got a lot of knowledge out of it.

Shortly after that I brought the Syncro in and a 2 week fuel line swap ended up being major rot repair that took 2 years. During that time it was impossible to use the garage and so Overhaulin?s stopped. We did do 2 Air Raids and I am grateful for that because I was seriously running out of steam. Now that the Syncro is running and driving, Overhaulin?s can resume. George Gallagher has been patiently waiting for this time to arrive. We?re going to install a front clip on his Westy, and repair the dreaded ?kitchen rust? on the left side and whatever else George needs. Jessie & Petes bus will be in for an AirRaid (Between them they have 4 participation?s in the past) If you are looking to get yours done, we?re gearing back up.

Recently Greg contacted me (on behalf of his Mom) for an AirRaid on his Dad Jim?s bug, but It was a to be a surprise. It was only a brake light switch, but I wanted a group to remind Jim what SJVWC could do.

It?s difficult to contact a group without this forum or social media, so it was all done by text.

The President and VP of the club were on that list and received and replied to that original message, yet I got slammed for not letting “anybody” know. It was difficult to keep track of what was going on, especially since I was sick for nearly a month. So I apologized to anyone who felt slighted for their omission but I assure you it was not intentional.
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Re: Air Raids!!
« Reply #16 on: March 12, 2019, 12:10:53 AM »
Here are my thoughts, I?m sorry if this doesn?t come out the way I want.

Many years ago, Shawn got this really awesome garage. He put most of his projects aside to help out others. He finally got a chance to work on the Synco!! My thoughts, is there just weren?t Air Raids happening. All of a sudden dad?s air raid happened and it just started drama. I would say that around 98% of official air raids have been public. Please don?t get upset about this one time thing. Also note that dad hasn?t been feeling well which is why this Air Raid happened, not because he isn?t capable of doing the work. Mom wanted to ride in the Beetle, dads been sick. I don?t know what I?m doing. I?ve cleaned numerous parts, sanded, helped out when I could. Don?t call out people for a freebie repair when you don?t know the whole story.

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Re: Air Raids!!
« Reply #17 on: March 12, 2019, 09:19:20 AM »
The issue people were having over the "airRaid" is that some people felt left out because they weren't told and couldn't help out.
It was a secret to surprise your Dad and lift his spirits, we all understand that.
I think when it was posted as an "airRaid" that's when people got upset.
I don't think a few people going to someones place to help out on something should be considered an "airRaid".
If we did that every time a few of us got together to help each other out or BS over a deck lid it would be an air Raid.

So please don't get upset or defensive, I think it was just a misunderstanding.
Everyone in this club has a big heart and they just want to help.
It is being addressed so it doesn't happen again.

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Re: Air Raids!!
« Reply #18 on: March 14, 2019, 07:42:20 PM »
  If it was thought to be me, I just want to make it clear, I was kind of bashing on people as per usual requisite. .. and letting people know my desire.

  my feelings were not hurt, just felt it was a bummer cause i finally had time to help out, and missed out. I am usually busy on weekends, this weekend all of Katie's rear jeep suspension has to be replaced for inspection, and then have to help a neighbor do some work. Always something... Always something. 

  After all of these years being with the club, I know there is no one who would spite another.  Yea, with this size of club, some personalities dont match up well at times, or arguments happen, but so what,  that can be expected. But this is a great bunch of people, and if I ever felt I got a rub, I know not to ever take it personally, I know there is maybe something else going on I am not aware of..
  or I talk to the club about it, and they will set it right. I always  trust everyone in the club that they mean well, because as  I said before, they're good people.

Sorry if I implied to much that I felt I was upset.... nope, just bummed

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Re: Air Raids!!
« Reply #19 on: March 15, 2019, 11:45:45 AM »
OK guys how about   athredclosed-